Pro-edge Brings Experience Lab to BASIS SoftExpo 2020


In February 2020, Pro-edge set up an Experience Lab at the BASIS SoftExpo 2020 – the largest  4-day tech-convention aimed at showcasing IT and ITES products and services in Bangladesh. We brought our HR Solutions Cloud to this arena of worktech, breaking the silos of the HR function as experienced by businesses in Bangladesh. 

At our Skill Station, visitors lined up to learn a new skill in 5 minutes while getting exclusive access to our new e-learning platform – Pro-edge Pundit, set to launch later this year. Pro-edge consultants and solutions experts were there throughout the 4 days to take curious minds through simulations of our range of cloud-based and online HR services including: 

  • Cloud-based Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)
  • Online Compensation and Information Services 
  • Automated Performance Management Systems (also includes Competency Assessment and Succession Planning)
  • Online Payroll Management Systems (also includes PF, GF and WPPF)
  • Online Psychometric and Aptitude Mapping
  • Online Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • e-Learning Management System: Pro-edge Pundit
  • Automated Store and Inventory Management System

As members of BASIS, we believe in the tech giant collective’s vision of creating more collaborative relationships at national and international level, inviting trade delegations from various countries to experience the immense potentials of Bangladeshi ICT industry.