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We offer a portfolio of services to help organizations work better. Our clients can utilize one, or several of our services, depending on what they really feel they need to address, to transform their business vision into a reality.

Based on your specific needs, we form the right team for your unique challenges.

Our consultants and specialists are driven by evolving digital demands to craft Management and Human Resources solutions that are cloud-based and customized for your business success. Our Chief Consultant is always actively involved in your engagement. We partner with experts from overseas to address your specialized needs, as and when required.

The following are the service packages we offer, which address the top rated critical people and organizational issues that companies are faced with:

Management and HR consulting

  • Organizational Restructuring, Change Management, Privatization, M&A, and Organizational Development
  • HR System, Policy and Process Development
  • Performance Management System Analysis and Development
  • Job Evaluation
  • Talent Management, Leadership Transformation, Management Development Program
  • Rewards and Compensation Management
  • Succession and Career Planning, and Organizational Capacity Management
  • Job Analysis, Work Study, Time and Motion Study, Productivity Analysis and Manpower Planning
  • Industrial Relations Issues and Labour Laws Compliance
  • Coaching and Counseling

HR process outsourcing

  • Employee Outsourcing
  • Recruitment Management and Systems
  • Payroll and Benefits Processing
  • End-to-End HR Transactional Services

Training and development

  • Themes and topics tailored to your particular business need
  • In-person corporate training across any level of leadership or employees
  • Online – self-paced workforce training developed and hosted from the Pro-edge eLearning platform, Pro-edge Pundit

Online HR services/ HR Service Solutions Cloud

  • Cloud-based Human Resource Management Systems (NREE)
  • Online Compensation and Information Services (CIS)
  • Automated Performance Management Systems (PMS)
  • Cloud-based Payroll Management Systems
  • Online Psychometric and Aptitude Mapping
  • Online Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • e-Learning Management System: Pro-edge Pundit

Specialized services

  • Code of Conduct – Business and Employee Ethics
  • Background Screening and Verification Services
  • Routine Accounting
  • Warehouse Management
  • Employment related Specialized Services

Pro-edge Initiatives

  • Pro-edge Job Bank
  • Poshora Services Limited – one-stop solution for commercial and residential service needs

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