As a preeminent management and HR consulting firm, Pro-edge Associates Limited has been working across a range of industries since 2008. We recognize the complex human challenges of today’s ever-evolving workplaces – and tech spaces – and understand that skilled human resources, informed technological adaptation, and economic growth are interconnected.

Challenges are increasing tenfold in the modern HR landscape. Companies are realizing their need to keep up with the constant evolution of working models, conditions, and talent pool demands in order to stay competitive during the shifting priorities of the changing world of work.

When we partner with you as our client, our promise is to serve as a catalyst for change, helping you design a sustainable process that improves the organizational performance of your businesses.

Our expertise in the field of HR and management

Our People

The Pro-edge team of consultants comprises of experts with a unique mix of consulting and industry experience – and the genuine passion to deliver the best business solutions. Our specialists are trained in the field of HR, are certified assessors and L&D professionals, and bring in perspectives from Bangladeshi and international work experiences. Our Chief Consultant is always actively involved in your engagement. We bring experts from overseas to address your specialized needs as and when required.

Our consultants are not only experts in their own subject areas—they operate with empathy when understanding the needs of clients. They are driven to work together with clients in developing solutions to achieve strategic goals. We guarantee, as a client with us, your issues will really be heard.

Who we work with

We work with a range of businesses across industries – and levels. Given our years of experience with diverse business challenges and climates, clients across private, public, and not-for-profit sectors have sought to partner with us. The result? A performance-driven workforce, with a leadership empowered to recognize unique challenges and cultural issues their businesses face, prepared with the right tools – vetted HR practices and guidelines – that help them respond to opportunities and meet challenges.

Our Commitment

● Providing actionable strategies aligned with organizational culture and structures, roles and people capabilities.
● Guiding clients towards insightful decision-making about cultures, leadership, organizations, and their people
● Developing and retaining talents and leaders
● Mobilizing people to create reward strategies and performance cultures
● Effectively implementing and sustaining our recommendations