Management and HR consulting

A single window solution is critical for institutional restructuring, privatization, merger and acquisition and large scale change management. In this context we offer….

  • Assistance in articulating a vision for change
  • Assessment of organisational effectiveness towards change
  • Development of a restructuring plan
  • Organisational design and corporate governance framework
  • Preparing employee database to facilitate executive decisions
  • Staffing and manpower planning
  • Redesigning HR policies and HRIS
  • Legal/IR support to facilitate corporatisation
  • Large scale training and capacity building to sustain changes
  • Teambuilding workshops
  • Focused communication initiatives
  • Advising the management on stakeholders issues, like Govt., Union, Employees and Investors

We integrate our skills, expertise and methodologies with our clients’ knowledge of business and their priorities. We partner with you to deliver  visible business impacts and enable you to focus on more strategic issues.  Pro-edge Associate’s deliverable are:

  • a well-defined organisational strategy, vision, mission and values which will drive management practices
  • an effective organisation structuring scheme, fit to support the business strategy
  • an optimized staffing and manpower planning guide for the proposed organisation structure
  • a review of manpower patterns to identify the redundancies and ideal manning patterns
  • a comprehensive conduct of job evaluation and design of grade structures
  • HR audit
  • an organisational assessment through employee surveys and HR diagnostic/audits
  • a design and implementation of best suited HR processes and policies to include:
    • Recruitment, selection and induction processes
    • Performance management schemes
    • Compensation and benefits management schemes
    • Succession planning and individual career planning modules
    • Manpower planning modules
    • Training and development
    • Retention and engagement drivers
    • General HR policies and procedures

We help our clients create high-performance cultures through effective performance management systems. These systems aim to enable our clients to harness and direct their employees more effectively by:

  • clarifying performance expectations and how each employee contributes to organisation’s objectives
  • delivering constant and constructive employee feedback, and
  • establishing a system of well differentiated rewards

As a result, employee behaviors are more focused on what matters. They know exactly where they stand and what they need to do to get ahead. High performers are distinctively rewarded for their contributions, helping to motivate and retain outstanding employees.

Pro-edge Associates delivers:

  • a set of job aids/tools that help managers and supervisors carry out performance management and assessment process using appropriate skills
  • a determination of how assessments will affect pay
  • a detailed implementation plan
  • a communication strategy addressing both manager training and employee communications
  • a rating scale to evaluate actual performance against targets

We help design the most appropriate job evaluation methodology so that our clients can bring together the right people, the right jobs and the best structures, to most effectively execute their strategies. Depending on the management profile, our system provides clients with

  • a consistent and objective framework to analyze organisational structures,
  • evaluations of people and jobs, and definitions of career progressions,
  • development of pay and reward programmes, and
  • management of their human resources more effectively.

We provide a disciplined system for determining the relative importance and value of different jobs—and the critical relationships between them—within an organisation. It is supported by our compensation database, enabling our clients to make more informed and accurate pay decisions.

We continue to improve to provide our clients with deeper dimensions of analysis, more customized capabilities, and greater flexibility to adapt the methodology to their own organisations and cultures.

Having the best job evaluation tools is critical; we will offer tested evaluation methodologies for assessing jobs by relative size, nature and importance, at all levels in all types of organisations.

Pro-edge Associates delivers:

  • an understanding of relative accountabilities of all roles – corporate office, business, function, and category
  • an established clear, effective career path, useful in determining career moves and development programmes
  • a design of internally equitable pay structures
  • an assurance of meeting requirements of “equal value” expectation
  • an assessment of accurate market competitiveness through surveys
  • an analysis of job and organisation design efficiency and effectiveness
  • an effective way of determining the best job/person match
  • a useful tool to support job/employee matching, as well as organisation and job design
  • a method that can be applied to all jobs – from the CEOs to any roles on the business front lines
  • a mesh with a wide range of processes, which can be designed to meet the unique circumstances and culture of different clients
  • Employee Commitment through Reward mechanism
  • Salary Systems
  • Total Remuneration
  • Benefits Design
  • Communication and Implementation of Reward mechanism
  • Long-term Incentives/Variable Rewards
  • Short-term Incentives/Variable Pay
  • Reward Architecture
  • Executive Rewards
  • Strategy & Design of Reward and Compensation Management
  • Review and ongoing Advice on Reward and Compensation Management
  • Benefits and Terms of Employment

Managing top talent’s career routes is a key to the future performance of all organisations. We help clients identify realistic, effective pathways for talent to move within an organisation.

We also help build the individual and organisational capability that will meet future business priorities and, along the way, fulfill personal career development aspirations. We deliver to our clients:

    • a planned, developmentally appropriate capability build-up
    • an understanding of jobs/work, and how the right experiences can be used to develop strategic perspective, accountability and competency as talent take on larger, more complex jobs
    • a way of maximizing their leadership/talent pipeline, and individuals are provided with practical career option insights
    • a diagnostic tool to help develop career paths while ensuring clients have the right people in the right roles at the right time
    • a design with appropriate matrix to integrate capability development (skills and competencies) with work and jobs (from job evaluation methodology)a comprehensive picture of the most likely career paths that individuals can follow to achieve their full potential, to understand the risks associated with different types of career moves, and to prepare people for successful transitions

We help clients move from an inflexible competency model to one that clearly identifies the best path your talent can follow to meet their aspirations and, at the same time, deliver on your business needs and strategies.

  • Depending on the organizational needs for optimization of people resources through Job Analysis, Pro-edge has the capability of undertaking the process of obtaining information about jobs by determining what the duties, tasks, or activities of jobs are. Pro-edge has the trained resources to employ the popular methods like functional job analysis, position analysis questionnaire, critical incident and HRIS analysis.
  • We employ a series of ‘Operational Performance and Productivity Analysis’ tools developed by our highly skilled professionals based on information gathered through analyzing the productivity drivers for management, marketing and operational efficiency.
  • Pro-edge facilitates the organizations with the contemporary toolkit to determine optimized staffing and manpower planning fitting the organisation structure as well as review of manpower patterns to identify the ideal manning along with cost saving alternatives.
  • Pro-edge has the capability of providing professional solutions and mitigation plans to issues emerging out of industrial relations situation in the organizations, undertake negotiations with the employees’ representatives. This includes proactive consultations and steps to avoid legal (labour laws) implications and labour laws compliance audit.