Pro-edge kicks off UnConference Series: The Changing World of Our Work


In January 2020, Pro-edge kicked off the Pro-edge UnConference series: The Changing World of Our Work with SAY HELLO! – our first Un-session! 

SAY HELLO! is intended to be a platform where we can put on our HR lens, and meaningfully explore the big question: in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world, how do we make sense of the future – and are we ready for it? 

With the theme for the day set, we invited the audience (HR industry professionals across sectors and work experiences) –  in true unconference spirit – to decide what the important issues are that the HR community needs to start talking about in a time when traditional HR roles and structures are changing fast! For the two hours at SAY HELLO, you get to connect with HR professionals across industries, and share your fresh perspectives and ideas on things that truly matter.  

Rich dialogue was generated about how the world of our work is changing, and what that means to Bangladesh businesses and landscape of HR. Over 25 participants took a pro-active hands on approach to push thoughts and ideas across the activity spaces, and shared their thoughts to the bigger group in the Open Mic Un-sessions!