Other services

The Code of Conduct sets out the principles and standards that guides organizations to run their businesses in an effective manner by providing assistance in the following areas:

  • Outlining code principles and foundations
  • Usage of the Code:
      • Organization of the Code – stakeholders
      • Necessity of the Code – the standards

Enforcement of the Code-

      • Employee responsibilities Application of the Code
      • Responsibilities of the supervisors
      • Organization’s responsibilities to its customers, suppliers and market
      • Employee’s responsibilities to customers/shareholders
      • Organization’s responsibilities to and expectation of employees, communities and public

We have the expertise in providing background/antecedents verification to our valued clients. Strong processes are put in place for background screening at various MNCs, international and national organizations. Our commitment to quality and trust is the main strength for providing expertise in the following areas:

• Education
• Professional license
• Employment
• Criminal records/security background
• Present and permanent address checks
• Professional reference check
• Identity proof
• Drug test

Pro-edge Associates Limited’s series of tools developed by highly skilled professionals are specifically designed for verification services. The information is collected as per client’s needs and strict confidentiality is maintained whilst running the complete process. This is based on information gathered through physical verification and other techniques focusing on the following processes:

• Physical visit
• Direct communication
• Data collection, collation and validation
• Report generation

We provide management models to organizations (start up or small organizations) wherein finance and accounting transnational processes may be transferred to Pro-edge Associates Limited to make organizations more competitive, by staying focused on its core competencies rather than diverting resources to other non-core services which otherwise can be delivered efficiently by Pro-edge Associates Limited in a cost effective way.