HR process outsourcing

Competition always runs high in today’s business world. The burning question remains – how to resolve people issues efficiently, without diverting precious time and money for in-house HR functions? The most ideal alternative is – an HR team focused on strategic issues.

We bring comprehensive HR solutions that identify potential cost saving opportunities and process improvements- so that our clients can prioritise on strategic issues and implement change, all without dispensing additional resources.

Our programmes include

  • Identification of HR activities to be outsoutced
  • HR self service processes (technology enabled)
  • Payroll outsourcing
  • In-house magazine design, edit and publications
  • Retainer services with professional HR capabilities
  • Reengineering HR processes

Implementation support

Pro-edge Associates Limited offers recruitment management services including (i) End-to-End Recruitment and (ii) Recruitment through Databank to the clients through a seasoned and professional recruitment team. Our objective is to support the clients in getting the most suitable candidates, and thus, saving the client’s valuable time and resources. Through our recruitment service we perform initial screening and preliminary interview before providing three shortlisted candidates for each individual role, as well as provide market information on salary benchmarking for those positions. Thus, we give the clients not only the candidates’ profiles, but an assessment of their knowledge, functional and behavioural skills-set and experience in the relevant professional areas. With our standardized recruitment management services, we endeavor to add value to clients’ business.

  • Compensation processing that is timely and accurate, is a basic requirement of every organization. With this consideration, any organization can outsource its compensation processing for employees, providing key benefit for ease and convenience but with less costs. Pro-edge Associates Limited, with its expertise and experience in payroll processing can offer a total web based (cloud) Payroll Management Services Solutions covering payroll processing, provident fund and gratuity fund, insurance and other benefit administration.
  • A strategic HR management model will be provided to organizations (start up or otherwise) wherein HR processes may be transferred to Pro-edge Associates. The concept is: to let Pro-edge Associates perform the management and/or day-to-day execution of organization’s HR functions.
  • To make organizations more competitive, by staying focused on its Core Competence rather than diverting resources to other non-core services which otherwise can be delivered efficiently by Pro-edge Associates. Access to special resources or capabilities of Pro-edge Associates in a cost effective manner as acquiring same in-house would entail significant investment on developing HR skill