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Service Lines

We have developed a portfolio of services to help organisations work with the belief that - any one particular service is not the magic answer. Our clients will use one or several of our services depending on what they really feel they need to address to make their business vision transform into reality. We offer following breath of services covering all the critical people and organisational issues that companies are faced with today:

Comprehensive Package on Human Resources Strategy and Processes (peCPHRSP)
Performance Management System (pePMS)

Job Evaluation (peJE)

Succession and Career Planning, Organisational Capability Management (peSCPOCM)
Rewards and Compensation Management (peRCM)
Developing Effective Organisations (peOD)
Talent Management (peTM)
Leadership Transformation
Human Resource Outsourcing (peHRO)
Institutional restructuring, Privatisation, M&A and Change Management (peRPM&A)
Compensation Information Services (pePayIS)

Employee Surveys (peES)

On-line psychometric and aptitude testing (pePAT)
Management development programmes self learning portals (peMDP)
Finance and Accounts Management System (peF&AMS)
Other Related Services (peORS)
Code of Conduct - business and employee ethics (peCoC)
Finance and Accounts Management System (peF&AMS)
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