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Online Compensation Information Services offer you broadest, deepest, most up-to-date compensation database in the country.

Quickly and easily generate analysis: export your result in clear graphs for straight forward communication

 Key Anchors of Compensation

  • Monthly Guaranteed cash
  • Annual Guaranteed cash
  • Annual Variable Cash
  • Terminal Payments
  • Monthly Cost of Benefits

Data Transparency

For you to trust our data you have to understand where it comes from. Simply put, our data comes directly from the source - employers. To ensure that you are using accurate, reliable and unbiased data we employ robust statistical techniques to identify and remove outliers and conduct annual studies for comparative analysis. In addition to these important steps, we also run validation rules on every report.

  • All data must fall within expected norms set forth by our compensation analysts.
  • No duplicate records are accepted.
  • Any data that fails to meet our stringent requirements is flagged for independent review by one of our compensation analysts.
Are all survey data confidential?

Yes. All survey data submitted will be kept confidential. All questionnaires and related materials will be safeguarded, and no information that identifies a specific organization will be published or voluntarily released without written permission.

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