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Compensation Information Services (pePayIS)

pro-edge associates helps organisations unravel increasingly complex compensation information to find the insights they need to make pay decisions that support their business goals.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver on this promise because we collect data and evaluate job roles using a tested methodology. This enables clients to make in-depth compensation comparisons—across job functions, industries and countries—with unparalleled confidence.

We obtain databases which are broad and deep, and country wide. We make it easy for clients to access these databases and pinpoint critical decision-making insights through—our Internet-based reporting and analysis tool.

We also provide our clients with detailed compensation analyses and support. In addition, we can perform custom studies to address specialized client issues or needs. 

Our programmes include:

Online Access to Compensation Database
Comprehensive Compensation & Benefits Databases
Market Analysis and Advice
Powerful Reporting and Analysis
Customized Survey Capability
Reward Benchmarking gineering HR processes

Employee Surveys (peES)

Through customized survey programmes focused on organisational objectives, we help clients attract and retain talent, enhance employee motivation and engagement, improve operating efficiency, manage change more effectively, and enhance customer loyalty.

An organisation's best source of competitive advantage is its people. Strategies, business models, products, and services can all be copied by competitors.  Talented employees, by contrast, represent a sustainable source of differentiation. But achieving a competitive advantage through people requires organisations to succeed in attracting and retaining talent and engaging the hearts and minds of employees at all levels.

Given the variability that exists in organisational cultures and survey objectives, one-size-fits-all approaches to employee surveys are bound to fail.  We tailor each step in the survey process—questionnaire design, administration methods, results reporting and action planning—to the particular needs of each client.

We ensure that employee surveys have organisational impact by:

Tailoring survey content to specific client objectives, such as attracting and retaining talent, enhancing employee engagement, implementing and monitoring change initiatives, communicating and tracking progress toward new cultures, or assisting with integration following a merger or acquisition.
Providing a customised  survey site that significantly facilitates the entire process.
Providing a customised administration tool to meet the unique needs of our clients.
Interpreting and prioritising results through the use of comprehensive analysis tools.
Providing survey results to managers in accessible and actionable formats through our reports.
Helping ensure that real and meaningful organisational action is taken as a result of the survey. 



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