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Background screening and verification

We have the expertise in providing background/antecedents verification to our valued clients.

We have strong process in place for background screening to various International, MNCs and national organizations. Our commitment to quality and trust is the main strength for providing expertise in this area

Verification Components
How we do it
  1. Education Center is checked against our database, which includes various institutions across the country .
  2. The Degrees, Diplomas and/or Certificates are validated in through email, fax or in person;
  3. All education verification is done by obtaining written/verbal confirmation from the College / University, depending on client's requirement.
  1. The verifiers contact the Employer/HR Department of the Organization, as declared by the candidate
  2. The credentials and other details as required by the client are verified
  3. All relevant employment documents provided by the candidate are sent for authentication.
  4. Employment verifications are done through call, email, fax or site check
  5. Details of the respondent and the verifier are recorded.
  6. In case of negative feedback, crosschecks are being made with the concerned Company before a report is sent out to the Client
Criminal Records
  1. Local Criminal records are checked from the local police stations by our verifiers
Address Check
  1. Verifiers would visit the address mentioned by the candidate to conduct the verification

  2. In exceptional cases, additional information is also procured from the neighbors
Professional Reference
  1. Our verifiers talk to the referred persons and other references and gather credentials as required by the client.

  2. Confirmation on the candidates character is an essential component of this check

Identity Proof
  1. Identification check is done through the issuing authority
  2. Other documents check is done by validating through a specialized agency (if required)
Drug Test
  1. We tie up with various reputed medical associations across the country.
  2. Panel drug tests are carried out, as desired by the client
  3. An appointment is scheduled for the candidate to submit the blood sample at the laboratory.
  4. The medical examination report is procured by us and handed over to the client
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